About Alethia Psychological Services

Clinical psychologist Denise Hutter, Ph.D. formed Alethia Psychological Services (APS) to provide a range of psychological services to Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Dr. Hutter's extensive background in clinical psychology, transpersonal psychology, trauma treatment, and human growth and development enables her to assist clients with a broad range of issues and challenges. She supports clients' personal growth, health and well being; assists in navigating personal and cultural challenges; and helps clients achieve more stable work and families.

• As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Hutter treats serious psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. She also works with clients who have co-existing psychiatric and medical issues. In addition, she assists clients with pain management, stress relief, smoking cessation, and preparation for medical and dental procedures, including surgery.

• As a transpersonal psychologist, her focus is on the whole person—including eacg clients' emotional, intellectual, community and family, environmental, creative, and spiritual concerns. We may use non-traditional or alternative techniques such as hypnosis, meditation, journaling, creative expression, and processes in nature.

• As a specialists in trauma treatment, Dr. Hutter utilizes evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EMDR, hypnosis, mindfulness skills and psychodynamic psychotherapy to help clients not only heal from the trauma, but learn to thrive.

• Dr. Hutter assists medical and business professionals, students and athletes, to create desired changes in stress relief, relaxation, performance enhancement, public speaking and test anxiety.

• Dr Hutter provides opportunities for clients to explore life transitions, including career and work changes, marriage and divorce, sexual identity and gender issues, mid-life and later-life transitions.

Work with clients is grounded in decades of clinical training and practice, experiential and psychospiritual education, therapeutic work in wilderness settings, breathwork, martial arts, rites of passage, and work with special populations including native groups, adolescents, the elderly, and LGBT clients. (See Dr. Hutter's biography for more information.)

Who Dr. Hutter Serves

Dr. Hutter welcomes, respects and values each clients' diversity, including gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and culture, spiritual and religious beliefs, physical ability, social status, and political affiliation.

Philosophy and Treatment Orientation

Dr. Hutter's strength-based approach is grounded in the knowledge that clients bring their own gifts and life experience to the treatment process, and together with the client she discovers and incorporates these strengths into a treatment program tailored to each individual's needs.

Dr. Hutter has a strong background in treating a variety of problems and issues, utilizing primarily cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic methods. As an adjunct to clinical based treatment plans, when appropriate she may use EMDR, art and creativity, dream work, mind-body techniques, and exploration of the natural world and spiritual beliefs and values.

With clients' permission, she collaborates closely with referring medical professionals and educators, and holistic healthcare practitioners, to maximize the effectiveness of their medical and educational interventions.

Areas of Clinical Focus

She offers expertise in the treatment of serious psychological issues such as:

Life change and growth issues…

Medical conditions and lifestyle issues including…